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DORSET based Independent Building Control Company, MC Plan & Site Services, are delighted to announce the return of their staff post-Coronavirus Lockdown and subsequent increase in business confidence.

Mark Cook, MD of MC Plan and Site Services said: “Many businesses have been adversely affected by the recent pandemic and many people have sadly lost their jobs as we come out the other side.  However, I’m delighted to report that as a result of the recent rapid growth experienced in our industry and the positive impact on our business post-lockdown, we are fortunate to be able to welcome back to work for more furloughed staff.”

Greg Herridge who is a Building Control Surveyor for the Ferndown and Southampton areas has already started back at work with his colleagues.  Greg started his working life on the tools as a brickie, before studying his BTEC Diploma in building surveying and then going on to obtain his HNC in Construction Management at Solent University.  He gained experience both on-site and regional knowledge managing construction sites for a Southampton based construction company before coming to work at MC Plan and Site Services and bringing his valued knowledge with him.  For any Building Control advice in the Ferndown to Southampton area, Greg can be contacted on 07395833002 or email greg@mcplanandsiteservices.co.uk.

Also joining Greg in returning to the office is Charlie Bowey who works in the administration team and mainly assists with warranties for new builds.

Mark added, “I am sure I am not alone in this and can only liken the recent experience to someone putting on the brakes and then suddenly taking them off again, whilst simultaneously accelerating!  We have seen a massive increase in instructions from private homeowners as well as commercial property developers across the whole of the southern region and we’re champing at the bit to get on with providing our services in the best way possible!”

A report out this week said that across the board, the construction industry has seen productivity increase at its fastest pace in two years, with the sector bouncing back from record-breaking lows at the commencement of lockdown.

Although MC Plan and Site Services remained open for business during the lockdown, demand was temporarily depleted due to uncertainty in the economy but they’re delighted to be back!

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