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Technical library

All Building Regulations are free to use - click to download

General Library

Approved Document P.pdf
Approved Document-7 Materials and workmanship
Approved Document-A Structure
Approved Document-B-vol-1 Fire Safety dwellings houses
Approved Document-B-vol-2 Fire Safety buildings other than dwellings houses
Approved Document-C Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moi
Approved Document-D Toxic Substances
Approved Document-E Resistance to the Passage of Sound
Approved Document-F Ventilation
Approved Document-G Sanitation, hot water safety and water effiency
Approved Document-H Drainage and waste disposal
Approved Document-J Combustion appliances and fuel storage system
Approved Document-K Protect of falling, collision and impact
Approved Document-L1a Conservation of Fuel and Power in new dwellings
Approved Document-L1b Conservation of fuel and power
Approved Document-L2a Conservation of Fuel and Power in new buildings other
Approved Document-L2b Conservation of fuel and power
Approved Document-M Access to and the use of buildings
Approved Document-M Vol 2 Access to and the use of buildings
Approved Document-P.pdf
Approved Document-Q Security-dwelling
Approved Document-R.pdf
Domestic building services compliance guide
New PD diagrams.pdf
Non domestic building services compliance guide
Party wall act booklet
The Site Book full publication 11
The White Book full publication 25

Making an Application to the Local Sewerage Undertaker

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