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Nepal Blog Day 8 – Sunday 24th November (Day 4 of project work)

A beautiful misty morning here in Nuwakot.

Chris was thinking of taking a picture of the palace in the mist. As he looked into the screen of his phone, he thought he was looking at Mark and a few expletives ensued around not wanting to look at Mark’s ugly face before realising he was looking at his own face, as his phone was still on selfie mode! It was hilarious!

All woke feeling better after a good nights’ sleep ready for Day 4 of the project challenge ahead. Such an amazing and dedicated team, working together with a group of Nepalese labourers who never stop! Team Chris continued with focusing on the painting, consisting of Chris, Penny and Helen; Mark hasn’t stopped welding since his arrival and now has a permanent ‘weld’ tan!

Fraser and Ben are now nearly at the end of the toilet block. Tim has just about wired up every classroom in the whole of Nepal! Well this one in Nuwakot anyway. This team has the best work ethic ever. We are all much more positive now that the work will definitely get done – and more!

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