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Nepal Blog Day 9 – Monday 25th November (Day 5 of project work)

The penultimate day of working on the project.

Another early start and literally everyone is dedicated to pulling together. Mark continued to weld with a face becoming redder and redder. Fraser and Ben have been cracking on with the toilet block until Ben needed to be put on lighter painting duties due to his swollen feet and ankles from mosquito bites. Kenny continued to construct the play area as well as painting the railings on the steps (an extra job we decided to do and not part of the original ambitious challenge).

Penny, well what can we say. Just grafting with whatever is assigned to her. Chris following the others in making good the paintwork where a few splashes had been made and Adam working with Mark, actually cut and laid carpet! Yes, in Nepal! We are most definitely on target to finish tomorrow.

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