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Nepal Blog Day 5: Thursday 21st November

The team are embracing the Nepalese culture and putting in a swear sanction with fines has most definitely worked!!

Today was our first day of proper work. There are 7 classrooms in total. Helen and Penny have been on primer painting and Chris is following behind doing the main colours. Kenny, as you will see from the pics, has put posts in all the way up a massive load of steps from the bottom of the school to the top of the road! He got team gold today working like a Trojan!!!

Tim has wired one of the classrooms and will tomorrow endeavour to continue through to the next one.

Mike and Ben started on the 2nd toilet block but the cement definitely does not resemble what we have at home. Apparently, it’s more like a bond that sticks like glue and dries very quickly!!

Adam put in the large fence posts and Mark welded the window frames in readiness for the shutters.

We did go back to the Famous Farm for lunch today, but it took nearly 2 hours with the walk up and back after eating, so from tomorrow we have decided to have breakfast at 7 am and have a light lunch at the school instead - to be more productive.

The guys are all really embracing it and working in tandem with the Nepalese team which will get things done quicker.

We’ll sleep well tonight!

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