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Nepal Blog. Day 3: Tuesday 19th November

A few sore heads this morning I thought, but amazingly, not really….

Everyone was down for breakfast before me, finished and now waiting for the bus to arrive!

Shiva arrived and another morning of Kathmandu rush hour. What an experience of the traffic chaos but embracing every moment.

Spent the day exploring the temples and learning about the Hindu and Buddhist cultures. A lovely sentiment to Shiva from the group is that he is a really knowledgeable guide and how nice it is to have him with us. The most poignant part of the day was experiencing how the Nepalese culture is embracing the way they say goodbye to their loved ones by burning the body and sending it off down the river. Another walk into Kathmandu tonight for a meal with Shiva and Abhi, our contact for the project. After numerous pictures, a new tally has started between Tim and Chris with people who keep coming up to ask for a photo of them. So so funny but learned how people who live in these villages may never have seen any British or white people before, especially ones like Tim and Chris!!!

Shopping in Kathmandu for some ‘designer’ clothing to take home!

Off to the project tomorrow….

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