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Nepal blog - Day 2: Monday 18th November

After an 11+ hour flight plus a 2-hour stopover in Doha, the MC Nepal Team have finally arrived safely at their destination in Kathmandu for their first night. Now time to do some sightseeing and catch up with the jet lag, before heading off tomorrow to our final destination in the Nuwakot District where the real work will begin.

The final leg from Doha to Kathmandu to meet with Shiva. So looking forward to this day….

In Nepal life is beautiful – just make it even more beautiful.

Met Shiva at Kathmandu airport after a stint waiting for visa clarification.

Must have been waiting an hour to get through but great to see Shiva and his team again.

Forgot about the utter chaos of Kathmandu and the traffic. What an experience of utter madness in the city centre, but the police had it well in hand with their traffic direction and using a green baton to keep the flow going. Arrived at Manaslu Hotel and out for a celebration meal of Nepalese food and culture. For some of us, the staying up was enough from Sunday morning to Monday night so we went to bed. However, a few of the hardiest among us - Adam, Kenneth Tucknott, Penny King, Ben and Chris - having met some Russian trekkers embarked on a cognac challenge. So suffice it to say, our lot beat them hands down!

Namaste Nepal

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