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The Building Control Application Procedure Explained


The Application Process


1. Pre Application Consultation


MC Plan and Site Services Ltd strongly recommend that you engage our Building Control Service regarding Pre Application advice, at the earliest time during the design stage, particularly with larger schemes.  All applications are treated equally important to us, irrespective of the scale of the project and MC Plan and Site Services will endeavour to offer essential practical and effective advice regarding compliance with the Building Regulations.

2. Application Submission


A completed application form should be accompanied by the following:

25% of the quoted fee if not paid online

A  1:1250 site plan

A copy of the architectural drawings

Structural engineering drawings where applicable

In respect of all works other than domestic, an additional set of architectural drawings will be required in order to carry out consultations with outside agencies.

Upon receipt of all necessary documentation the application will be registered on the company’s database and an Initial Notice will be sent on the applicant’s behalf to the relevant Local Authority Building Control Department, informing them that MC Plan and Site Services Ltd will be responsible for the Building Control Service.

This must be done within 5 working days of any commencement of works.

It is also at this stage that a service level agreement relating to the Site Inspection Regime will be provided to the applicant.


3. The Plan Assessment


A detailed Plan Assessment will be carried out to ensure that all aspects of the project comply with the Building Regulations and associated legislation.  It is intended that plan assessments will be completed within a 14 day period and that any additional information required relating to the Building Regulations will be relayed back to the Architect / Agent at the earliest possible time.  It is also at this stage; any consultations necessary with outside agencies such as The Fire Service, Structural Checking Engineer, and Sewage Undertakers will be carried out.  Any comments made by all relevant outside agencies will be conveyed to the Applicant / Agent at the earliest convenient time.


4. Site Inspections

Site Inspections regarding the registered application will be carried out in accordance with the Inspection Notification Framework as detailed in the application submission process.  It is also the intention that routine inspections will be carried out as and when deemed necessary, by the project surveyor as part of the ongoing site inspection regime.


5. Completion Certificate


Upon satisfactory completion of all on site works in relation to the Service Level Agreement, a final inspection will be carried out by the project surveyor and a Final Certificate will be issued confirming that all notifiable works comply with the Building Regulations.  Upon receipt of all relevant documentation and certificates associated with the application, the Final Certificate will be sent to the applicant and a copy issued to the Local Authority Building Control office.




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